Fish acquisition in Denmark
- available worldwide

Hawfisk offers fish acquisition for fish distributors worldwide

We acquire fish and we are your agent in a number of the largest fish auctions in Europe.

Our expertise goes to great lengths and thus we are capable of taking care of EVERYTHING up to the point where your fish are on their way in the truck.

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At Hawfisk, we are agents for our customers companies in the whole world.

You get the opportunity to get into the Danish fish market and we offer to sell your products throughout Scandinavia.


We acquire fish at the following fish auctions

Hanstholm Fish Auction

We acquire your fish at Hanstholm Fish Auction, which is the biggest in Denmark with yearly revenue in more than 650 mill. kr. - some of it a great part MSC fish, both brosme from The Baltic Sea, coalfish, haddock, hake and plaice.

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Hirtshals Fish Auction

We acquire your fish at Hirtshals Fish Auction, which is MSC certified. You will find good and reliable service and fair prices including a fast settlement.

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Strandby Fish Auction

We acquire your fish at Strandby Fish Auction. Norway lobsters represent a great part of the revenue and Strandby Fish Auction is among the market leaders in Denmark in exactly this sort.

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Skagen Fish Auction

We acquire your fish at Skagen Fish Auction, which is a northern located auction in Denmark with main emphasis on first quality lobster, herring and daily edible fish.

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Your Men In The FieldYour Men In The Field

We are your employees on the floor, our distributions are only professional and we are responsible for your fish - all the way from auction to loading

CEO, Lars Steffensen is raised in Hanstholm. Lars has, among others, through 30 years concerned himself with the making of international fish industry shows - worldwide. Both Lars and Alex Steffensen are raised in the fish industry, and in this way, they have gained a detailed knowledge and experience with the fish business.

30 years of experience

in the fish business

Open night and day

24 - 7

International services

Fish from Denmark available worldwide


Acquisition, icing, loading and paperwork